3 Travel Must Haves To Stay Safe

Boarding passes, hotel reservations, sightseeing tickets, loose change, pen, notes; what else do you need at your fingertips while traveling?

Our Solution – 3 Items that will help you stay organized and SAFE while traveling.amanda and ticket

1. Travel Wallet Helps us stay organized, especially when we visit multiple cities with different flights or hotel rooms. Years ago, I won a trip for work and along with a fabulous trip to Monaco also received a black leather travel wallet. Since then, we don’t leave home without it. We use it on every trip and it is a great memory.

Leather Zipper Travel Credit Card Passport Wallet (Black)

Get one for yourself or give it as a gift so someone can carry your memory around the world as they travel.

The #PerfectGift for someone that has everything?

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetWe typically will buy a #travelwallet for friends or family, any occasion. We specially love this gift for friends about to go on a honeymoon. No one approached us to talk about this item, we are talking about this because it genuinely makes traveling so much easier for us and we have found it to be a great gift.

If you do buy Leather Zipper Travel Credit Card Passport Wallet (Black) as a gift, pre-fill it was some of the giftee’s favorite items or give ideas for things they will need for a trip.


For example, our friend was going on honeymoon in Italy. We gave them the travel wallet filled with Euros and notes about places they should visit while in Italy. Get creative, have fun with it, your friends will love it and they will always remember you on every trip they take.

2. Passport Holder We absolutely love this for us, or as a gift for others Banuce Genuine Leather Passport Cover Color Green. When walking through airport security it helps to have everything in one place. You don’t have to fuss through purses or bags. Carry the #PassportHolder through security and you can put other items in it as well. For example, if on a cruise you can put your Cruise Ship card and Passport all in the same place.

3. Don’t let your PERSONAL INFORMATION fall into the WRONG hands! STAY SAFE and Keep your PRIVATE information secure.

Ever stand at the luggage carousel watching bag after bag after bag never sure if the one that you see in the distance is yours or not? While those bags spin around it’s also very easy to read a complete stranger’s name, where they work, where they live and usually a phone number.

Think about the crowded area like boarding a plane or train, it’s easy to read others personal information on their luggage tags. Why not, it’s out in the open for EVERYONE to see.

NEVER AGAIN. Our favorite gadget helps us stay safe by keeping our private information well, private.

What if my luggage is lost, how will people know where to find me? Simple, this luggage handle keeps your contact information on the inside of the wrap in the protective compartment. Click here to see more Cosmos ® Aqua Blue Comfort Neoprene Handle Wraps/Grip/Identifier + TSA Accepted Cable Luggage Lock We love this thing!

It’s a sure way of keeping wandering eyes from seeing your personal information, makes your bag more recognizable at the luggage carousel and easy to grasp, soft on the hands.

amanda and airplane

Happy Travels and Be Safe!





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