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Who doesn’t love to have the feeling of vacation? From the excitement of the anticipated trip, going somewhere for the first time, re-visiting our favorite spots or the feeling of freedom. We work to live and we work so we can put a priority on travel. No matter the time; quick trips or long ones – from road trips to flying somewhere near or far or hopping on a ship. We love to experience it all and look forward to sharing tips with you on places to go when no kids around.

“Why the Blocks, No Kids Around?”

Why the “Blocks?” People want to know . . . why the “blocks?” Our Blocks Blocks, in ancient times, formed foundations and were also used as building materials for structures that still stand today. Think pyramids, castles, cathedrals, forts, monuments and more! All of these projects used blocks of stone to erect some great works throughout the world. The #alphabet… Read more »

Never Eat a Bad Meal on Vacation AGAIN

When traveling, there are so many places to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner; it can be overwhelming. Who wants to go on #vacation only to leave being unsatisfied by having bad meals or by visiting chains you can go to when at home. One step and you could end up with a #badmeal, getting ripped off or worse, you could… Read more »

3 Travel Must Haves To Stay Safe

Boarding passes, hotel reservations, sightseeing tickets, loose change, pen, notes; what else do you need at your fingertips while traveling? Our Solution – 3 Items that will help you stay organized and SAFE while traveling. 1. Travel Wallet Helps us stay organized, especially when we visit multiple cities with different flights or hotel rooms. Years ago, I won a trip for work… Read more »