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Who doesn’t love to have the feeling of vacation? From the excitement of the anticipated trip, going somewhere for the first time, re-visiting our favorite spots or the feeling of freedom. We work to live and we work so we can put a priority on travel. No matter the time; quick trips or long ones – from road trips to flying somewhere near or far or hopping on a ship. We love to experience it all and look forward to sharing tips with you on places to go when no kids around.

Broken Leg? Don’t Break Your Travel Plans

“I have to cancel my cruise because I broke my leg,” said our neighbor. He was on crutches and was so sad that he was about to cancel his long awaited cruise with his extended family. We quickly explained to him why he should NOT cancel his cruise. So you broke your leg and have a lot of time on… Read more »

John Ringling Drama – Kids or No Kids Around

  Long before the circus elephant controversy was a man that made an impact on the development of @Sarasota, Florida; the city now denoted by Gallup as the Number 1 Happiest City in the United States. Yes, John Ringling did build a great circus empire in the late 1880’s and yes, he did contribute to make Sarasota the international cultural… Read more »

Flip-Flop Vacationing in Marco Island

If beach activities, beautiful sunsets and fantastic food is your thing, book your trip now to Marco Island, Florida, USA. This quaint yet fun Island is on the Gulf of Mexico, approximately 20-30 minutes drive from Naples, FL. Great place to visit while in Miami or anywhere on the west coast of Florida. The unique thing about Marco Island is… Read more »