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“Follow our blocks” as we address issues childless by choice couples face each and every day. It’s the serious side to our life and our blog. Let’s look closer at how one question impacts so many; parents, childless couples, society, family and all others involved.

So What, No Kids Around

Why Do Children Define Marriage? Everyone’s heard the story; blah, blah, blah . . . you get married and have kids. That’s what you do. That’s what your supposed to do. That’s what everyone does, right? Well, that depends. We know as of 2010 that 20% are going against the old school thought and choosing to be #childfree. But why… Read more »

John Ringling Drama – Kids or No Kids Around

  Long before the circus elephant controversy was a man that made an impact on the development of @Sarasota, Florida; the city now denoted by Gallup as the Number 1 Happiest City in the United States. Yes, John Ringling did build a great circus empire in the late 1880’s and yes, he did contribute to make Sarasota the international cultural… Read more »

Watermelon Rosemary Martinis in 5 Simple Steps

Looking for a refreshing cocktail during hot summer nights? Watermelon Rosemary Martinis in 5 Simple Steps.Look no further; this #Vodka Infused Martini will make you a hit with friends and family or provide a nice refreshment one evening with no kids around. From time to time, pre-cut watermelon pieces go on sale at our local marketplace. That’s a great time… Read more »