Never Eat a Bad Meal on Vacation AGAIN

When traveling, there are so many places to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner; it can be overwhelming. Who wants to go on #vacation only to leave being unsatisfied by having bad meals or by visiting chains you can go to when at home.

One step and you could end up with a #badmeal, getting ripped off or worse, you could get sick and ruin your vacation altogether. All because of the wrong restaurant pick. Here are a couple steps how to find the right restaurant for you and leave your vacation feeling happy and satisfied with your meal. Life is too short not to eat good food.


One of our favorite things to do on vacation is eat because eating helps you understand the #culture, get to know the people and their history and makes your vacation experience so much more memorable. As a bonus, sometimes dining at a #localrestaurant can help you with other tips to make your vacation in that location more exciting.

So with all these choices, how do you pick? Sometimes asking the concierge at the hotel is a disadvantage. In some locations the hotel may get kickbacks from restaurants so they are not giving you the best place to eat but rather the best place for them as you experience a touristy type of meal.

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Step 1 – Ask Your Friends and Family

Prior to your trip, ask your friends, family, coworkers where they have had good meals in that particular location. Utilize social media. For example post something like this, “Headed to San Fran in 2 weeks, what restaurants can you recommend?”

Step 2 – Read Blogs From Trustworthy Sources

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Only you know what kind of food you like. Find a blogger that has similar taste buds and read that person’s blog. If you find you both like the same pizza in a certain city chances are you might like the other places they recommend.

Step 3 – Visit

Sure anyone can visit but what are you looking for? We have tried and tested this theory for years and it hasn’t really failed us yet. Just last night we had one of the most amazing meals using this method.

Number of Reviews – Pay close attention to the number of reviews. Sure a place can have 5 stars but if only one person reviewed, how accurate is that? According to our theory, 40 reviews or more is a good sampling but we like to look for even larger numbers.

Ratings – Three stars is great if it has over a 100 reviews or more, otherwise stick with a rating of 4 or better. If that many people ate there and it was reviewed that high, odds are that you will probably have a good experience.


What to order? – Check the photos and the reviews and see what items were ordered most. This can give you a good idea of the dish the restaurant does best.

Other information on Yelp – Lastly, check on the “More Info” section. This section will tell you attire of the restaurant, do you need reservations, do they serve only beer & wine or do they have liquor too and so much other helpful information. Hours on yelp are pretty accurate so check that to see if the place is open when you wish to eat.

We are in no way paid by Yelp but find this No Kids Around theory using the @Yelp website and app very helpful.

Step 1, 2 and 3 is the No Kids Around theory and usually leaves us happy and satisfied while dining out on vacation.

Bon Appétit!




2 thoughts on “Never Eat a Bad Meal on Vacation AGAIN

  1. Dean @ La Vida Global

    Good tips. I am usually good at stumbling across good accommodation at the last moment but restaurants, that’s another story. I’ve wasted hours sitting in a hotel room of an evening trying to work out where to eat, am have often been disappointed.

    1. No Kids Around Post author

      Thanks for the comment and glad we could help. It is not 100% but 99.9% of the time we have a great meal and a good experience in an unknown place. Thanks for the follow!


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