No Kids Allowed?

No Kids Allowed; we didn’t say it, it’s all over the news. A restaurant in Australia and now an airline, all of them kicking kids out. Who is doing this? Why are they doing this? What’s the deal?

Why is this such a big deal? Are we jumping on a bandwagon or just being selfish? No, not selfish and no bandwagons here. So why the blog for this specific topic. We are posting this article to prove a point.

The point of our blog, the point why we are on social media, the point why we put ourselves out there.

My husband and I chose not to have kids and that’s that.

We chose not to have kids, and we are NOT choosing to be selfish. We are simply making a choice to be #childless. We have our reasons.

People that have children choose to have children just like we choose not to have children. Even if you have a child and say it was an accident, it was a choice. For those that say they weren’t trying to have a child. . . It was not an “accident.”  Perhaps you were just not actively trying.

People choose to have children and people choose not to have children. Why does it matter what people decide? A recent article published said, “married couples who have no kids are placing demands on society.” “Selfish bullying,” he said. The author went on to say childless couples like my husband and I are “trying to get kids kicked out of restaurants.” Here is the link for reference or your reading pleasure, with all due respect @dadcamp –

Wow. Okay. Does the author know us? Does he know people like us? Not really. The people he speaks of take up thousands of square feet in big houses in the suburbs and clearly he is not happy these unmarried couples are taking over “his” child-filled neighborhood.

We have never in our life complained about a screaming child at a restaurant.

Here’s a thought. . . maybe the people that complain about kids in restaurants are people just like him. Parents that want a night out and want to escape the life they have at home. Maybe it is “them” that complain. Maybe you should direct your anger at “your” kind of people, those that chose to have children.

Perhaps people that CHOOSE to have children are assuming what it is like to be a couple without children or forgetting how their life was pre-kids.

Picture this, if I’m at a restaurant and there is a kid crying or screaming, we’re not upset, we are actually undisturbed because when we leave we don’t have to listen to the kid screaming anymore.

We have a lot of friends and family with kids; toddlers to teenagers. Ironically, whenever we are with them, when there is a kid behaving badly; who do you think it is complaining?

What’s a little crying from a child that we don’t have to care for. We don’t have to deal with that situation once we leave.

We can go home to our “perfect-for-us” downtown condo, have a cocktail, “whine” about the kids at the restaurant, think about our last minute weekend golf trip and think about our life as an older couple surrounded by each other, fantastic family and wonderful friends.

As far as the childfree couples that live in 4000 sq ft homes? Who cares! None of our business.

And what happened to the Australian restaurant with No Kids Around? They say, “business is booming. . . people are drinking fine wine and spending up.” It may not be a coincidence, or is it.

columbia restaurant_small_final

About @NoKidsAround1 – In life and in our travels, not a week goes by without someone asking, “When are you having kids?” Choosing to be a married couple without children is not the norm, but it is our life and we are happy and completely fulfilled. We want to help others feel confident in their decision or circumstances if living childfree. And, well, why not do that while traveling, eating and drinking our way around the world.

#followourblocks as we, a Childless by Choice couple travel, eat, drink and #blog our way around the world.


3 thoughts on “No Kids Allowed?

  1. Swisswife

    An interesting blog – I’m enjoying the read – thank you. I’m shocked that you get asked so often if you are going to have children. I think in 10 years or marriage I can count on one hand how many times we’ve been asked….in fact my own mother said ‘you have no patience – don’t ever have children’ lol – she was right though.

    1. No Kids Around Post author

      Thanks for the comment. I am surprised you haven’t been asked that question either. I’ve been getting that question for most all of my reproductive years and still get it at 40. Mothers do know best at times and perhaps that gave you the mindset to be confident with or without kids. Thanks for sharing your story and thanks for following. Keep reading for more posts, we are just getting started . . .

      1. No Kids Around Post author

        Thanks for your comment and thanks for the feedback. Happy to hear life is good and happy to hear from you.

        There are many reasons people are childless and we are sorry to hear about your struggles. One of the reasons we started this blog was because we think it is not anyone’s business if couples or people have kids or not and want the world to know it. It is okay to be childless. Within society there is an unspoken pressure to have kids and for those of us that don’t have them, in some places that is looked down upon. It is time to say, that’s okay if we don’t have kids and educate others it is okay too. Our goal for our website is to show people life can be satisfying and fulfilling without kids no matter what the situation; working, traveling, staying home at night and more.

        Kids never worked out for one of my dear friends and I stood by as people, sometimes complete strangers, asked her why she didn’t have kids. The hurt on her face was horrible and I just wanted her to feel good about not having children and feel confident that her life is full and complete even without kids. It wasn’t her choice either as she tried many different options but sometimes it just doesn’t work out. Thank you for your note and sharing your personal story. Proud of you for accepting whatever comes your way and keep reading for more posts. There are many people out there like you and like us, 20% at least . . . for now.


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