Where’s Walter?

It happened. We finally decided to put a little responsibility in our life. No, not kids. Everyone knows there are no kids around.

We had been talking about getting a dog for sometime and never took the leap. Living in a high rise we watched people picking up poop outside in the pouring rain. Not to mention, to us it always seemed like people with dogs had to go home early from happy hour and didn’t really travel.

We did our research, A LOT of research. One of us has allergies so most dogs were out of the question, plus we needed someone who could keep up with our travel schedule. A Cairn Terrier! The perfect dog for us! They have less shedding; therefore are somewhat hypoallergenic, and we were told from credible sources that #CairnTerriers make great travel companions and are good without a routine.

We did it! We found him!

WalterBabySitting in a little pen with another dog just chill and calm as can be. We picked him up and there was no question in our mind. It was him, our little Walter.

Okay, so before you even begin to ask, DON’T.

From the second we adopted Walter lots of people were excited and kept saying, “First a dog, then kids!”

No. Really NO. We are strong in our belief about not having children and just because you have a dog doesn’t mean kids are next. Come on. Really?

Are dogs the new gateway drug? We say no.

As one of my friends says, “It’s my fur baby, and my husband is my fur baby’s daddy.” They chose not to have children either.

People love dogs, so do we. We are biased to our special terrier so we added a new tab on our blog; sharing the fun and adventures and probably some mishaps about adopting a puppy and observing his growth, development and many firsts.

"Nice to meet you!" -Walter

“Nice to meet you!” -Walter

Of course we have left happy hour early some nights and have changed our travel schedule a bit, but Walter seems to be happy with our schedule and is fitting in great.

We would love to hear from you about any fun stories with your “fur babies” or tips you can share with us along the way. #TeamDogInsteadOfBaby

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