“Why the Blocks, No Kids Around?”

Why the “Blocks?”

People want to know . . . why the “blocks?”

Our Blocks

Blocks, in ancient times, formed foundations and were also used as building materials for structures that still stand today. Think pyramids, castles, cathedrals, forts, monuments and more! All of these projects used blocks of stone to erect some great works throughout the world.

The #alphabet “blocks” we use are a foundation for which No Kids Around was built. They are a youthful symbol and a stark juxtaposition emphasizing the notion of #childlessbychoice in conjunction with our travel blog.

NoKidsAround header

Our very first block photo

Basically, it serves as our signature.

Why the blocks?

The utilization of the blocks during everyday life is an artistic expression; providing color, contrast and information documenting the geographical nature of our experiences, capturing our feelings and other times simply set against beautiful backdrops around the world.

Using these blocks is a way for us to spark attention on the issue that not having kids is okay. Whether you choose not to have children or couldn’t for other reasons, we are here to speak up for those of us that don’t have kids and have some fun along the way too.

Sure, the blocks don’t talk about being childless in every venue; however our goal is to provide ideas of places to go and things to do to for other childless couples; or empty nesters or couples that have their kids away with a babysitter. Places that you can have fun even without little ones in tow.


Sometimes using the blocks attracts interest and we are able to speak with other couples about the topic kids or no kids around. Our goal is to help others feel good about not having kids and show that there is a life out there that can be extremely fulfilling.

Visit our website for new posts and “FollowOurBlocks” as we share experiences and useful tips for your next adventure.

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